Easy Tips to Start Reading Tarot Cards on Your Own!

Easy Tips to Start Reading Tarot Cards on Your Own!

Have you ever been to tarot card consultation? Does it fascinate you how the readers take out two cards from the pack and speak out your fortune? If you are also excited to try card reading by yourself, here are a few beginners tips to help you handle your cards effectively.

Your clairvoyant skills are way essential

Shuffling the deck or picking the right cards, your intuition has an essential role in choosing and understanding the apt cards from the deck. Since the cards are always the same but the queries and questions are different, your clairvoyant skills to judge the query and choose the cards can help you pick out the best. You can’t rely on any external source but have to develop yourself to get the intuition.

Choose the appropriate deck for yourself

You might wonder how this will make a difference as all the decks have the same number of cards with the same tarot symbols. However, the only difference is their brand and representation, which can seem pleasant to one but disturbing to the others. 

Thus, whenever you purchase the deck, look at the cards’ details and designs to see if the colors and symbols match your intuition. The front display greatly affects your intuition and concentration, which ultimately reflects in your outcomes.

Seek books and online guides to know the exact card meanings

Tarot card readings always revolve around understanding what the chosen card or its reverse reflection depicts. As the symbols and numbers have definite meanings, you can easily search for them in online resources or books.

Great reads like The Key To Tarot by A. E. Waite, The Big Book Of Tarot by John Bunning, and Modern Tarot by Michelle Tea are rated among the best to understand the basics of Tarot readings and card meanings.

Make the reading activity a progressive job

Make the reading activity a progressive job

Psychic reading sessions using crystal balls or tarot cards aren’t the skills you can learn in a fortnight, but something you need to develop internally. Don’t fret or give up even if you don’t get results at the beginning, but keep up your practice to improve progressively. Analyze your intuitions every time, write down journals for your sessions and interpret them to build your practice.

You can join an online course too!

If you are new to tarot readings and don’t have any idea how to start your routine, an online course can probably help you begin from scratch. You can find free or paid short courses on various platforms like Udemy, Coursera, or SkillLearn scaling from a few hours to a few days. You can find courses for developing psychic intuition, clairvoyant skills, or understanding tarot card meanings. They offer both theoretical and practical sessions that can elucidate you better. 

Make sure to purify your cards timely

In every reading, the deck absorbs your intuition as you concentrate, tap and shuffle it to give out the suitable cards. It essentially indicates that your cards take up some energy from your surroundings, which can be either positive or negative. Thus, you should always seek to clean the cards using protecting crystals, passing them through smoke, or keeping them under the moonlight to cleanse them for successive readings.